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Prosperity in the global business community depends on correct allocation between the three key ingredients of growth, profits and time. Global businesses grow products, services, ideas, and market share in order to maximize and retain profits against specific time deadlines. Wellspring Group provides our global business clients with customized organizational intelligence which allows them translate strategies and ideas into practice and revenue.

What do we mean by global business community? Exactly what it implies. Business opportunities transcend political and geographic boundaries. Wellspring Group operates around the world and works with companies local to those regions and countries, as well as multi-national corporations with operations in those places. Our experts know local languages and cultures, and are particularly skilled at bringing diverse workforces together into strategic unity.

What do we mean by organizational intelligence? We provide know-how that helps a business work. We take great satisfaction in:

[1] assisting teams to execute with greater effectiveness
[2] constructing a company-wide education program that aligns work with strategy,
[3] bringing interviews with global business leaders into organizational life,
[4] coaching individuals and groups of individuals toward optimum performance, and
[5] helping leadership solve complex issues of strategic importance.